Bout Of Books 15: TBR and Goals

It’s that time! I am so stoked to be participating in the first Bout Of Books of 2016! As usual I will be overly ambitious, but it’s part of the fun!
Time Devoted To Reading: I will devote a minimum of two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. If I can read more then so be it. I can’t wait to hit my momentum and get into my reading bubble where nothing matters other than the book and my coffee!

My Social Goals:

  • Participate in all Challenges
  • Participate in all Twitter Chats
  • Make new Friends
  • Review all the books I read
  • Comment on other’s posts

Other Goals:

So since this is a fun and low pressure Readathon, I am adding different goals!

  • Catch up on American TV shows: New Girl, Reign and 2 Broke Girls.
  • Catch Up On my K-Dramas: Oh My Venus, Birth Of A Beauty, Scholar Who Walks The Night. (If you are interested in K-Dramas, check out DramaFever)
  • Write in my Diary every day.
  • Write a “My Day” summary on this update post
  • Wake up early in the morning

My TBR Goal: Finish 6 books (more like 4 but I am hopeful)

I’ll be updating my progress on this post throughout the Readathon. I’ll also be posting updates on Twitter and Instagram. I hope to hear from you! Link up your Goal and TBR posts so I can comment and maybe do a few buddy reads!



Monday, January 4

  • Currently Reading: These Broken Stars and Poison Study
  • Number of pages I’ve read today: 9 in Poison Study and 100 in These Broken Stars = 109 (not my best)
  • Books Read: 0 (YIKES)
  • Journal: Today wasn’t much of a reading day. I had a jammed packed day which started with a visit to my family doctor, a visit to a lawyer. Hubs and I grabbed lunch though. We had sushi. Yum yum! I am hoping tomorrow gets me more time for reading.

Tuesday, January 5

  • Currently Reading: These Broken Stars
  • Number of pages I’ve read today: 126
  • Books Read: These Broken Stars. (1)
  • Challenge: I completed the challenge! Check out my post! 
  • Journal: I was out all day today! I went to Starbuck/Chapters ended up getting 6 new books! I’ll be posting a Book Haul later this month! Then I went and got a Yoga matt, a 15lbs kettle bell and an exercise ball so I can start working out at home!

Wednesday, January 6

  • Currently Reading: These Broken Stars (103pages) and Poison Study!(51 pages)
  • Number of pages I’ve read today: 154
  • Books Read: YAY! I finished one! These Broken Stars
  • Challenge: N/A
  • Journal: I was sickly all day so i didn’t feel like scouring my books to find some colourful ones. I played a few games of League of Legends and finally got Soraka to Mastery Level 5!

Thursday, January 7

  • Currently Reading: Poison Study
  • Number of pages I’ve read today: 158
  • Books Read: These Broken Stars
  • Challenge: I chose Darth Vader VS Lord Voldemort! I mean, yes, Star Wars is a movie but there’s a whole universe and A LOT of novels as well! Darth Vader with the Force and his Light Saber pitted against Voldemort and all his evilness!!! I honestly don’t know who’d win! What are your thoughts?
  • Journal: I was hoping to read A LOT more than that… I got busy looking at planners ( I AM DYING TO GET AN XO PLANNER!!!!) and crafty things since I want to start scrapbooking again, but in the form of my planner. I just feel like i need more creativity in my life!

Friday, January 8

  • Currently Reading: Poison Study
  • Number of pages I’ve read today: 12 (OH BOY!)
  • Books Read: 1 (These Broken Stars)
  • Challenge: Scavenger Hunt!
  • Journal: Today I was cleaning, then we had to do 4 hours of driving to go pick up my son for the weekend and unlike some of you lucky readers, I get extreme motion sickness if I read in a moving vehicle! At this point I know I won’t make it but I am having fun regardless!

Saturday, January 9

  • Currently Reading: Poison Study
  • Number of pages I’ve read today:35
  • Books Read: These Broken Stars
  • Challenge: My Cozy Reading Spot (Check Instagram for my entry)
  • Journal: Today I spent all afternoon at a friend’s house so my son could play with his friends. I showed her my blog, it was all fun. Then we headed to my GrandMother’s house for dinner and didn’t get home until 11PM. I’ll read tomorrow.

Sunday, January 10

  • Currently Reading: Poison Study
  • Number of pages I’ve read today:20
  • Books Read: These Broken Stars.
  • Challenge: None
  • Journal: Well another busy day! I read a bit but not enough to finish another book. Its ok. I think. Wrap Up Post Coming UP!