The Amateur Photographer! My Favourite Instagram Pictures!

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of self promotion here and there. This post is a bit of that, but it’s also a post where I want to share with you the beauty of my world! So feast your eyes on these pictures taken by yours truly: Readorkable, The Amateur Photographer!


My Mother, an artist, painting outside her home.


My son, Knox. Photogenic.


The Presents my Better Half, Ed, gave me for Christmas 2015. This picture brings me so much joy as it is a dream come true.


A sunny morning in Kanata. I love morning shots, fog, steam.


Ed and I. This man brings me more joy than I ever thought I could feel. This picture was taken early in our relationship but the emotion felt there is just as real and stronger today.


My Mother, In her Garden.


A Morning shot, With Fog.


My son drawing.

Each of these pictures illicit a special emotion in me and that is why these are some of my favourites!
I hope you enjoyed!